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Rules and Technical Specifications
The competition of Search and Rescue Junior is closely related with the RoboCup Junior Rescue (Rescue RCJ). The RoboCup Junior is a part of the RoboCup for young students under 19 years of age.

In this competition mobile robots are used to identify victims quickly and accurately in disaster scenarios that are recreated artificially. These scenarios will range in complexity from line-following on a flat surface through paths with obstacles, line breaks and slopes, to reach an area where the victims are randomly placed in open terrain.

This competition takes place in two distinct age groups: 8-14 years and 15-19 years and qualifies the Portuguese teams to participate in the world RoboCup Junior Rescue.


The images presented above relate to previous editions of the competition and don't respect the international rules for 2010.

Rules and Technical Specifications

The rules used in the National Robotics Festival follow the rules used in the international RoboCupJunior Rescue challenge. There may be specific regulatory aspects concerning this challenge that complement the international rules to adapt them to the particular competition used in the Robótica2010.


You can read the 2009 rules here (document rescue-rules-2009.pdf).

The specific rules (bylaws) used in the Robótica2009 can be found here (document Bylaws_para_robotica2009V2.pdf).

In order to increase the realism of the challenge and encourage innovation and technological development in the competition, the rules are updated every year.


The international rules for 2010 are already available.

For Rescue A, you can read the 2010 rules here (document rescueA_2010.pdf).

For Rescue B, you can read the 2010 rules here (document rescueB_2010.pdf).

At the moment is not yet guaranteed the existence of competition for Rescue B. Additional information will be available soon.


You can find registration information here.


The information about contacts can be found in the organization webpage.

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